15th November, 2018

BREATH highlighted in Scottish Parliament

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Border Regions Airway Training Hub (BREATH) highlighted by Ross Greer MSP in Scottish Parliament debate as example of the benefit of EU Interreg funding to integrate research in 3 partner research institutions to focus on COPD.

UWS – BREATH features in Scottish Parliament Debate

UWS highlighted in Scottish Parliament debate as example of the benefit of EU Interreg funding to create the Border Regions Airway Training Hub (BREATH) focused on COPD, together with partners Dundalk Institute of Technology and Queen's University Belfast

Posted by Centre for Musculoskeletal Science on Thursday, 15 November 2018

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13th February, 2020
Belmont Primary first to be awarded BREATH Certificate of Excellence

Kids Outreach News

Belmont Primary school in Stranraer has achieved the BREATH Certificate of Excellence for their successful completion of a set challenge linked with an important lung health programme rolling out across South West Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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2nd September, 2019
Dundalk Professors Three

DKIT General News Research

Congratulations to BREATH partners from the Dundalk Institute of Technology Smooth Muscle Research Centre, who have all just been made professors.

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19th June, 2019
Pharmaceutical Industry jumps into Action at Queen’s University Belfast

General News Research

BREATH and the School of Pharmacy with TEVA UK hosted a one-day interactive training session entitled “Pharmaceutical Industry in Action”, focused on enhancing understanding of how the pharmaceutical industry operates.

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